Iowa Family Services

NEW ADDRESS as of 1/22/19:

4401 Westown Pkwy. STE 250

West Des Moines, IA. 50266

Phone: 515-270-0093

Fax: 515-270-4939

Training Requirements

Before providing services to consumers, all providers must complete the following trainings through Essential Learning: 

                a. Child Abuse for Mandatory Reporters* (2 hours),

                b. Recovery of Persons with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness (1.75 hours)

                c. HIPAA and Behavioral Health (2 hours),

                d. Medication Management for Children's Services Paraprofessionals (1.75 hours),

                e. Guidelines for Documentation (1.25  hours),

                f.  Best Practices: Behavior Support and Intervention  (1 hour),

                g. Corporate Compliance and Ethics for Paraprofessionals (1 hour)

                h. Iowa Family Services- Overview of Services (1 hour)    

                i. Work Place Violence (.5 hour)

                j. Positive Behavior Support for Children (1.75 hours)

Within 6 months of hire, an additional 12 hours of training related to children's mental health are required. These trainings ones the provider is allowed to choose, but must clearly relate to mental health, interventions for children, working with families, or specific behaviors and diagnoses.  We recommend trainings that will help you with consumers you work with. The following are suggested courses you may take for the additional 12 hours required:

              a. Information & Referral: Serving People with Mental Health Disorders (1.25 hours)

              b. Information & Referral: Serving Young People (1 hour)

              c. Abuse (2.25 hours)

              d. Attachment Disorders Part 1: Understanding & Defining Attachment & trauma (1.5 hours)

              e. Depressive Disorders in Children & adolescents (1.25 hours)

              f. Externalizing Disorders: Disruptive Behaviors in Children & Adolescents (1.5 hours)

              g. Suicide Prevention (2.25 hours)

              h. Bipolar & Related Disorders (2.5 hours)

               i. Bipolar & Related Disorders in Children & Adolescents (1.5 hours)

               j. Calming Children in Crisis (1 hour)

               k. Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology (1.75 hours)

               l. Major Mental Health Disorders of Childhood (2 hours)

              m. Understanding ADHD for the Paraprofessional (2 hours)

Each consecutive year of employment, providers must take an additional 6 hours of training related to children's mental health.  These hours are also of the provider's choosing. The following "refresher" courses must also be completed: 

               a. Overview of Serious Mental Illness for Paraprofessionals (2.25 hours),

               b. HIPAA and Behavioral Health (2hours),

               c. Best Practices: Behavior Support and Intervention (1 hour),  

               d. Corporate Compliance and Ethics for Paraprofessionals (1 hour),

               e.  Work Place Violence (.5 hour) and

               f. Additional trainings of your choice as related to children's mental health (6 hours). ...see options listed above

The additional courses related to children's mental health can be completed through outside agencies, if approved by your Service Supervisor and if a certificate of completion with details on the course is available.

To access Essential Learning, follow the link below.