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Iowa Family Services provides respite services to children who receive services through the Children's Mental Health Waiver.

The CMH Waiver exists to meet the needs of children under 18 years old with serious emotional disturbances (SED).  Many children with serious emotional disturbances must leave their homes to seek support in a medical institution.  The guardians of eligible children “waive” using services in an institution and choose instead to use services and individual supports to keep their children in their own home.  The child, his or her family, chosen providers, the targeted case manager, and others come together to form an interdisciplinary team (IDT), which meets to plan the interventions and supports a child and family needs to safely maintain the child’s physical and mental health in her or his family’s home.   They guide the overall implementation of CMH Waiver services.

To learn more about the Children's Mental Health Waiver or other waivers available in Iowa, follow the link below.